Your concept with your style and appearance. That is where we go for. Besides the functional and sustainable aspects of the packaging, we like to advice you about the possibilities to make your tea concept complete.

Tea bags and envelopes for fine cut tea.

For fine cut tea a standard paper the bag with a 100% Non-GMO cotton string will be used. The teabags are made from a mix of abaca, wood shreds and cellulose fiber, a natural and biodegradable material.

To make sure the quality of the tea is guaranteed, we use airtight sealed envelopes also called fresh packs.

Teabags and envelopes for loose tea.

Loose tea in pure form, also called leaf tea has a coarser cut. The nylon tea bags which were used before are replaced by biodegradable alternatives. There are two types available: Soilon or Non-woven. Both may be disposed with organic waste in the Netherlands.

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