Around 1600..

Around 1600 tea was imported for the first time from Asia to The Netherlands. In wooden chests the tea made a long trip which was very sensitive for light and humidity. An extra layer needed to be applied to protect the tea and guarantee the quality. This is why the inside of the chests was plated with tin. This extra addition to supply perfect tea, is exactly who we are. No tea without Tin.

Tin also stands for Tea Import Network, which is exactly what we do.

Europe deserves sustainable and delicious tea

With over 25 years of experience in tea we are strong in creating and developing private label teaconcepts. Tin is flexible, proactive and a connector. We are the link between you - our customer - and our network of suppliers. To make sure we deliver a total concept in which we take care of the whole process. Together we search for the tea blends and flavours which matches your brand. We take care of the whole process to make sure the label is produced and delivered. We do this for the right price with respect for people and the planet. This Is why we deliver sustainable tea concepts with the best ingredients, with respect for people and the environment. Because The best tea is tasteful, fair and made with love.

Below you can find the 4 pillars which makes us Tin.


The best ingredients.

The best tea starts with the best ingredients. That is why we have exclusive contracts with the best suppliers. We have earned this by being the most reliable trading partner for many years. In the production countries but also with our local partners.

We supply sales outlets in almost all of Europe; from leading supermarket chains to exclusive catering establishments.

Personal attention.

We work with a small and close team. A personal approach is key to us, it’s in our roots. Based on positivity and trust we work: focused on motivation, independence and self-confidence. That is why everything starts with attention.

Attention for every delivery, every question and attention for each other.

Good for people and planet.

Fair tea taste better. That is why we are one of the initiators of the Green Deal, whereby plastic tea bags have been converted into biodegradable material. We are ahead on the law with sustainable innovation like producing the first tea packaging made from organic waste.

All of this with fair wages and the support of local projects for people who live and work on - or nearby - the tea plantations.

Expert care.

Our knowledge determines our quality. We know and supervise the entire process, from initial idea to perfect tea concept. Everything, of course, according to legislation and regulations, molded into our optimized processes. We like to tackle things and getting things done. We keep our promises.

We challenge the world around us, but especially ourselves.

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