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Finest Tea blends handcrafted to the highest tea standards

If you are considering to venture out on a tea business of elite teas which will teleport your tea consumers into the terribly British tea era, look no further. We will ensure you classic and vintage tea blends which will make you the sole tea supplier of the finest teas in your region. As a wholesale tea distributor, Higgins and Sons tea brand will take you miles ahead in the world of the tea industry.

Mr. Higgins was an eccentric English man of fine standing and great taste. His philanthropic nature and taste for tea and adventure took him to all corners of the British Empire, laying a robust foundation for the establishment of the Higgins and Sons tea brand. Refusing to travel first class as he thought it pompous, he made his way across the country on bicycles and balloons and was not averse to travel like the locals. His love for tea was as rich as his travel endeavours; sipping only the finest teas from around the world, rich in antioxidants, flavour and aroma. Like all English gentlemen, Mr. Higgins enjoyed nothing more than a fine cup of tea to mark his arrival in a foreign land. Of course, his taste was unaccustomed to the local teas on offer, but he soon grew partial to the rich variety of spiced and herbal teas found outside of mother England. It wasn’t long before his inventive and entrepreneurial mind hit upon an idea.

The tea concept with the most sophisticated flavours from all overt he world, approved by Mister Higgins consist among other out of Ceylon tea and English Breakfast. A Cardamon, Earl Grey, Green Jasmin and Moroccan mint infusions completing this concept.

Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Moroccan Mint

Pure Ceylon Black Tea

English Breakfeast Tea

Earl Grey


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