Garden Series.

Since medieval times, gardeners have strived to engage our five main senses of touch, sound, sight, smell and taste by growing fruits, flowers and herbs which - when combined - infuse our body, mind and soul with a feeling of calm serenity.

The essence of nature

Whether your taste is for the elegance and sophistication of a traditional English garden or the chic style of a French kitchen garden, our range of flavours will exceed your expectations. We’ve captured the essence of nature and perfectly blended our teas to capture the feeling of all four seasons – from spring fresh Ginger and Lemongrass to the winter warmth of South African Rooibos . Each flavour will transport you to a place of beauty, starting with the freshly picked leaf tips from the hills of Sri Lanka and blending them with the best flavours found in gardens all around the world.

Garden Series has 2 different tea concepts:

25 box envelopes.

The basic concept consists of an assortment of 8 fair and delicious Fairtrade tea blends. In a box 25 airtight and heat sealed tea bags are packed, the tea quality is fine cut.

48 box with mini boxes.

Garden Series brings paradise to earth by letting you enjoy the bohemian flavour combinations and blends. Small things make big differences. Emerge yourself in these imaginary gardens and get surrounded by natural flavour and enjoy our tea moment.

Our exclusive line is a unique catering concept and consist out of 8 Fair tea variances of Fairtrade tea. Every box has 48 mini boxes with loose tea in a biodegradable tea bag.


early morning breakfast – earl grey twist – wild forest fruit – classic rooibos – sunny green lemon – green lemongrass ginger – oriental green jasmin en spicy moroccan mint.

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