Certified tea.

As a full-service supplier of packed tea concepts, we have various certificates that guarantee our quality.

Quality is guaranteed at Tin.

We meet all conditions of the International Food Standards and are IFS Broker Higher level certified. Not only we, but also our production partners and logistic partners are IFS certified. This completes the chain and guarantees quality and food safety within all processes.

All our production partners are HACCP and ISO2200 certified. This certificate shows we meet all conditions on food safety. This way we make sure we have the best standards and quality products.

With our Fairtrade certification we make the world a little better and contribute to fair trade, with equal opportunities for everyone. The tea farmers receive a fair price so they can gain better trading position, develop and invest in a sustainable future. We are also able to use the Rainforest Alliance logo on tea packaging. Rainforest Alliance strives for better work conditions, environment and nature conservation for all products from rainforest areas.

Producing organic without making use of chemical pesticides, producing sustainable and protecting the environment are our and our production partners pillars. Therefor we work together with a cooperation of smaller tea famers which grow their plants organically to reduce the impact on the environment. By growing mixed products like pepper, coconut, cinnamon and using organic waste as compost, regenerative farming is applied.

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