The best tea is tasteful, fair and made with love.

The best ingredients

Personal attention

Good for people and planet

Expert care

We are Tin.

A delicious cup of tea is quickly made.

ut before it reaches the store, office or restaurant, a lot needs to happen. Think about selecting the best ingredients to experience the unique taste, over and over again. Or taking care of the whole production process; for the right price with respect for people and the environment. In sustainable packaging with a sparkling design. With quick and reliable transport and everything according to the complex laws and regulations.

That’s why we are here.

We empower buyers with the right selection and purchase of the best tea. Carefree taken care of the whole process; from the first pick till the last sip. ‘Private label’, full of thought. We lead the way in sustainable developments like being initiator of biodegradable tea bags and being the first developer of packaging made from organic waste. We also support projects that improve the wellbeing and living condition of people living and working around tea estates. Due to this, we have exclusive contracts with the best suppliers. But also because they like to work with us. We do everything with personal attention, out of confidence and with a lot of positivity. The best tea is produced with the best ingredients and is made with love.


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